Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a telecom consumer what kind of complaint can you experience?

Your complaint can be related to the services provided by the telecom operators and their related infrastructure. The nature of complaints may include:

  • Provision of Service (Activation / Restoration / Closure / Up gradation)
  • Quality of Service (Disruption / Faults in service, Poor QoS)
  • Matters related to Billing (Overcharging, Unjustified deductions / Tariffs)
  • Misuse of Service (Obnoxious, Unsolicited & Fraudulent calls/SMSs)
  • Illegal Practices (illegal transfer of connections/ownership/issuance of SIMs /duplicate SIMs etc)
  • Verification Issues (user information/illegal use of CNIC/Issuance of  multiple SIMs on same CNIC)
  • Poor Customer Services (Redressal of Grievances/Helpline Issues)
  • Misleading Statements (Misleading advertisement, hiding facts about service and tariffs etc)
  • Non availability of service in an area (coverage issue).
  • Issues related to Operators infrastructure.
  • Mobile Number Portability related complaints
  • Value Added Services (GPRS, Packages)
  • Complaints against Suspected Grey Traffic Activity
  • 3G/4G/LTE realted issues
  • Refund of Amount
  • Spam Reporting 9000
  • Fault in Services
  • Withdrawal of Services

If you have a complaint, what should you do?

  • You should make contact with your concerned service provider.

What are the modes of lodging consumer complaints with service provider?

Please go to the link of Contact details of Licensees in order to get details on the information of lodging complaints (

What information you should ask from service provider while lodging complaint?

  • Complaint Number/Reference Number
  • Redressal   time line of Complaints
  • Escalation path in case your complaint is not resolved within stated timeline

If your complaint has not been resolved at operators end, what can you do?

  • You can register your complaint through online complaint form
  • You can make contact with PTA for resolution of your complaint.

What are the modes of lodging consumer complaints with PTA?

At Consumer Protection Division (CPD), PTA HQs Islamabad.


General Complaints

Toll Free Number: 0800-55055


What information is required for lodging complaint to PTA?

Following information shall be mandatory before accepting a complaint.

  • Name, contact details of the complainant
  • Unique Complaint Number given by the respective licensee to the complainant
  • Time of lodging complaint to operator/Expiry of the timeline provided by the licensee to the complainant for the redressal of the said complaint
  • Brief details of the nature of the complaint.

What information you should ask from PTA?

  • Complaint No/Reference No
  • You shall be communicated with the redressal timeline/status of your complaint.

What types of complaints PTA has no jurisdiction to entertain?

  • Complaints regarding internal HR matters within the operators
  • Complaints regarding bilateral business agreements between operator and any third party e.g. PCO Refund cases or Operator-franchise/Card Retailers relationships
  • Complaints regarding Noise hazards/site installation of mobile towers

Whether consumer can disown or remove biometrically verified SIM from CNIC?

  • Yes, Recently PTA has received number of complaints regarding disown/removal of biometrically verified SIM from CNIC. PTA has issued directives to all CMOs that the word disown and removal may not be confused and the request made in the name of disown by a CNIC holder of a SIM be considered as a request for removal of SIM after his/her CNIC. However this process will need biometric verification of the consumer.

How do you know about status of your complaint?

Do you know about the notification of Telecom Consumers Protection Regulations, 2009?

If not, please visit PTA Web site and follow the link entailed below:      

    Step 1.    Go to

    Step 2.    Go to Legislation.

    Step 3.    Go to Regulations.   

    Step 4.    Click on Consumer Protection Regulations, 2009.

What are the Salient Features of Telecom Consumers Protection Regulations, 2009?

1.    Service Provisioning per consumer choice, request & without discrimination

2.    No service disruption,suspension or termination without (90 days) prior notice, communicating substantial reasons or as per well defined policies communicated to the consumer

3.    No activation or deactivation of services/packages without user consent

4.    Fair Commercial Practices/Advertisement

  •         a.    Not to be misleading, inadequate or unclear in terms & tariffs
  •         b.    Clear & complete specification of tariff information
  •         c.    Detailed Billing information as per license conditions
  •         d.    Publication of Code of Commercial Practice & Service Contract for the awareness of consumers

5.    Consumer Complaint Handling &Redressal Mechanism

i.    Lodging of complaints with specified contact details

ii.    Handling of complaints 

  •         a.    Complaint No
  •         b.    Timeline for redressal
  •         c.    Information regarding Escalation Path
  •         d.    Redressal measures communicated to complainant
  •         e.    Well defined perusal of consumer complaints forwarded through PTA 

6.    Ensuring confidentiality of Consumer information

Requirements for lodging complaint to the Service Provider?

Service provider may ask of the following information while lodging your complaint

  • Your name, contact and complaint details
  • CNIC details
  • Ownership documents of your service against which you are lodging a complaint (in case of complaint regarding verification issues or illegal practices of the franchisee/operator)