November 16, 2023

Telecom Infrastructure Sharing Framework Approved: Milestone for Growth & Innovation in Telecom Industry

Islamabad (16 November 2023): Telecom Infrastructure Sharing Framework (TISF) developed by PTA, has been approved by the Federal Government.

The Framework was developed in consultation with Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoIT&T) and telecom industry. This Framework provides a regulatory mechanism for licensees to share their active as well as passive telecom infrastructure in a fair and competitive manner. The approval of the Telecom Infrastructure Sharing Framework is a major step forward for the growth & sustainability of telecom sector in Pakistan. It is expected to lead to significant reductions in the cost of deploying (CapEx) and operating (OpEx) telecom networks, which will ultimately benefit consumers in the form of lower prices and better as well enhanced services.

There was a great need for telecom infrastructure sharing in Pakistan due to increasing inflation, low Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), rising fuel prices, revenue challenges, massive CapEx demand for 4G & 5G expansion, connecting remote areas, and cost-effective capacity growth for nationwide coverage. Telecom Infrastructure Sharing acts as a jump-start for new services with larger coverage footprint and early Time to Market (TTM) of innovative products. The Framework heightens competition among operators to focus on service differentiation and enhancing customer experience since part of underlying network is shared.

PTA appreciates MoIT&T for its support in the development and approval of the Telecom Infrastructure Sharing Framework. The Authority is confident for the positive impact of the Framework on Pakistan's telecom sector and anticipates collaborative efforts to implement the framework, which aligns with the shared goal of advancing Pakistan as a leading digital economy.

The Framework is available on PTA's website: Telecom infrastructure sharing refers to sharing of telecom network components and associated non-electronic and physical infrastructure for resource optimization by better utilization of assets.


Malahat Obaid

Director PR