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Functions & Responsibilities Last Updated (Friday, 24 December 2004)
PTA's functions include:
  • To regulate the establishment, operation and maintenance of telecommunication systems and provision of telecommunication services in Pakistan.

  • To receive and expeditiously dispose of applications for the use of radio-frequency spectrum.

  • To promote and protect the interests of users of telecommunication services in Pakistan.

  • To promote the availability of a wide range of high quality, efficient, cost effective and competitive telecommunication services throughout Pakistan.

  • To promote rapid modernization of telecommunication systems and telecommunication services.

  • To investigate and adjudicate on complaints and other claims made against licensees arising out of alleged contraventions of the provisions of this Act, the rules made and licenses issued there under and take action accordingly.

  • To make recommendations to the Federal Government on policies with respect to international telecommunications, provision of support for participation in international meetings and agreements to be executed in relation to the routing of international traffic and accounting settlements.

  • To perform such other functions as the Federal Government may assign from time to time.

Responsibilities of Authority

In exercising its functions and powers under the Act, the authority shall ensure that?
  • Rights of licensees are duly protected;

  • All of its decisions and determinations are made promptly, in an open equitable, non discriminatory, consistent and transparent manner;

  • All applications made to it are disposed of expeditiously;

  • The persons affected by its decisions or determination are given a due notice thereof and provided with an opportunity of being heard;

  • It encourages, except subject to the exclusive right of the company in basic telephone service, fair competition in the telecommunication sector; and

  • The interest of users of telecommunication services are duly safeguarded and protected.
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