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Telecom Highlights
Teledensity (Mobile and Fixed) is over 76%
Subscribers with existing five mobile operators reached 132 million
Broadband subscribers reached 2.9 million (penetration 1.6%)
Telecom Revenues in FY2013 were over US$ 4.35 billion
Telecom Investment during last nine years: Over US$14.4 billion
FDI in telecom sector during last nine years: Over US$ 6.1 billion
Import of telecom equipment in FY2013 crossed US$918 million
GSM Association Award to PTA in 2006
South Asian, Middle Eastern and North African Telecom Council (SAMENA) declared PTA as the Most Progressive Telecom Regulator in South Asia in 2011
Cellular Subscribers
Broadband Subscribers
Telecom Revenue
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority 2014