June 13, 2014

Raids on Illegal Gateway Exchanges:

Islamabad: In a successful operation against grey operators, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) alongwith Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has conducted two successful raids at Jehlum and Lalamusa and apprehended two persons.  In the first raid at a house in Jhelum, an illegal VOIP exchange consisting of 10 gateways having capacity of 16 ports each was confiscated. Two persons running the setup were apprehended during this raid.

During initial interrogation it was revealed that the accused have another exchange operational at some village near Lalamusa. During the second successful raid at Lalamusa, 3 gateways of 16 ports each were confiscated. The presence of numerous SIMs in sack at the first location indicates that the system has been running since long.

These successful raids, which were made possible because of continuous monitoring, shows the commitment and persistent efforts; PTA is putting in curbing the menace of grey traffic.


(Khurram A. Mehran)

Dir (PR)