November 19, 2021

PTA Restores TikTok Services

Islamabad (November 19, 2021), Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has restored the services of TikTok on assurances of the Platform to control immoral / indecent content.

Subsequent to imposition of ban on 20 July 2021, PTA remained in communications with the TikTok management. As a result of continuous engagement, senior management of the platform assured PTA of its commitment to take necessary measures to control unlawful content in accordance with local laws and societal norms.

The company also assured that the users who are continuously involved in uploading unlawful content will be blocked from using the platform.

Keeping in view the assurances, the Authority has decided to lift the ban on TiKToK forthwith. PTA will continue to monitor the platform in order to ensure that unlawful content contrary to Pakistan’s law and societal values is not disseminated.


(Khurram Ali Mehran)

Director (PR)