February 04, 2010

Complete Depletion of Internet Protocol Version 4 likely in 2014: PTA Report

IPV6 Group Report

Islamabad: A recently concluded report of IPv6 Monitory Group, formulated by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in view of the future forecast and usage of IP (Internet Protocol), has estimated that complete depletion of IPv4 addresses would take place somewhere in mid 2014.

PTA has formulated this group to determine estimated depletion timeline of IPv4 and suggest necessary Policy and Regulatory areas to promote IPv6 adoption. The report provides a detail insight of global IP addressing mechanism and statistics. It also presents brief benefits attached with this next generation version of IP (i.e. IPv6).

The report says that by the end of year 2009, 1.7 million IPv4 addresses were allocated to the Pakistani industry while eight IP service providers were assigned IPv6 address blocks by Asian-pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC).

The report also envisions necessary role of the Government and the Regulator with regards to IPv6 transition mechanism inside the country. Presenting its recommendations, the report emphasizes on increasing IPv6 awareness and capacity building, providing necessary industrial incentives to IPv6 adopters, establishment of research labs through Government funding and devising a ‘National IPv6 Roadmap. This report has been published at PTA website.

It may be mentioned here that Internet Protocol has emerged as the most popular communication protocol in today’s world. With the original scope of delivering Data packets, IP has evolved tremendously over the period and is now being utilized to offer “triple play bundled” services by telecommunication operators. With the advent of new enriched applications and services, a rapid adoption of IP-based platforms (especially the Internet) is being observed. The situation is resulting in massive allocation of IPv4 (the present version of Internet Protocol) addresses.

Global IP allocation data estimates an IPv4 exhaustion point some-where in mid 2012. In view of growing importance of Internet Protocol for smooth presence of global communication, many countries have started necessary work on transition of IPv6.


Khurram A. Mehran

Director (PR)