May 27, 2021

PTA Receives PKR 15.82 billion Against Second Instalment of License Renewal Fee

Islamabad (May 27, 2021) Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has received PKR 15.82 billion (equivalent of USD 103.17 million) against second instalment of License Renewal Fee from two Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs); Telenor Pakistan and Pakistan Mobile Communication Ltd. (Jazz).

The amount is being deposited in Federal Consolidated Fund (FCF) as per practice under Pakistan Telecom Re-organization Act 1996.

PTA has so far deposited PKR 135.81 billion (equivalent of USD 862.22 million) with the Government, received against 50% of total License Renewal Fee and first instalment of the same from three CMOs. With the amount of second installment received from two CMOs now, the total receipts on this count have become PKR 151.63 billion (USD 965.39 million).

The second license renewal fee instalment of CMPAK (ZONG) for USD 54.086 shall be due in October 2021.


Khurram Ali Mehran

(Director PR)