December 29, 2009

PTA Issues Quality of Service (QoS) Parameters for Improving Fixed Broadband and Cellular Data Services

Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has formulated two sets of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to improve and monitor the Quality of Service (QoS) of “Fixed Broadband” and “GPRS/EDGE” networks.

The objective of introducing these KPIs is to create transparency and set monitor-able standards in fixed broadband and GPRS/EDGE services hence ensuring consumers’ satisfaction. Extensive consultations with the relevant operators and stakeholders were carried out for the development of these QoS parameters. The KPIs were finalized after discussing the varying views in detail with all concerned bodies which were incorporated in the final version. The document has also been made available on PTA’s website (

The KPIs have been developed through keeping in view their Applicability, Possibility of End-to-End testing (non-intrusive for network under test), Ease of measurement, Ease of understanding for a field testing person, similar treatment of rural and urban regions in terms of service offerings and a push for future improvement in wireless broadband networking. The KPIs’ suite envelops parameters like Network Availability, Service availability, link speed, retainability, bandwidth, contention ratio, round trip time, tariff comparison, customer service complaints, billing complaints and service provisioning complaints, as appropriate.

It may be mentioned that GPRS (General Packet Radio service) and EDGE (Enhanced Data rate for GSM Evolution) are GSM wireless packet data transfer standards commonly referred to as 2.5G and 2.75G respectively. Using these networks; services like internet connectivity, Push-based email solutions with attachment facility, Pull-based services, instant Messenger etc are being offered to help in accessing personal or official information while roaming locally or globally. Better GPRS/EDGE networks are also necessary for introduction of more innovative Value Added Services (VAS) in future.

PTA has been striving to serve the telecom and ICT sector of Pakistan for its growth and development through different initiatives. Introduction of KPI’s for Broadband Services is an effort to achieve PTA’s vision of “Protecting Consumer Interest and ensuring high Quality ICT services”.


Khurram A.Mehran

Director (PR)