August 17, 2019

Mobile Device Users with 1 IMEI Registered, 2nd IMEI Not Registered Advised to Register All IMEIs before 31st August 2019

Islamabad (August 17, 2019): All such mobile device users having more than one SIM/IMEI slot, where one IMEI slot is registered and second slot is not registered, are advised to submit such requests to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) before 31st August 2019.  To register such devices, users can send an email at with following details:

a)         Screenshot of device showing all programmed IMEI

b)         Screenshot of device box showing IMEI(s)

c)         Copy of CNIC

d)         Contact details of applicants

PTA will evaluate all such requests, and validated cases will be registered accordingly. After 30th August 2019, such SIM slots will not be registered.  To check the status of a mobile device, dial *#06# and SMS each 15 digit IMEI to 8484.  Mobile device users are advised to have all IMEIs (dual SIM) of their mobile devices registered with PTA.


Tayyaba Iftikhar

Assistant Director (PR)