December 31, 2015

Meeting on Web accessibility for People with Disabilities:

Islamabad: A meeting on ‘Web accessibility for People with Disabilities’ was held at Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Headquarters today. Chairman PTA held meeting with a group of People with disabilities, inviting their ideas and opinions on ‘Web accessibility for People with Disabilities’ issues and identifying practical approaches to promote technological ‘inclusivity’ in Pakistan.

The meeting was attended by Ms. Saima Yousaf – a web developer, Mr. Muhammad Shabbir – a research associate from NDU, Mr. Ali Shabbar and Ms. Abia Akram from STEP, Ms. Ammar Anwar from Pakistan Foundation for Fighting Blindness and Mr. Naveed Haq from the Internet Society.

The discussion carried inputs by the meeting participants highlighting policy, technology and capacity building related activities. The participants agreed to form a working group for further discussions and preparing workable suggestions on removing technology access and usage barriers for people with various impairments.


(Khurram A. Mehran)

Director (PR)