Frequently Asked Questions

What type of VPN needs to be registered?

Any VPN / Non standard / encrypted traffic passing through Internet needs to be registered

Whether Voice over VPN is allowed or not?

Voice is generally not encrypted due to encryption overhead. If required, valid justification would need to be provided on case to case basis.

Which type of VPN will be blocked?

All VPN which are unregistered may face blocking.

Is there any need to register server deployed abroad, having users in Pakistan?

Yes, any legitimate foreign server accessed from Pakistan need to be registered. 

Whether VPN servers needs to be registered or all clients needs to be registered?

Both can be registered but to provide flexibility only foreign legitimate server can also be registered.

Can individuals need to register?

Only companies with legitimate usage are eligible to register, however, in case of legitimate VPN server hosted abroad and it's employees in Pakistan, individuals can apply on behalf of their company, by completing documentation.

Is there any need to register employees working from home?

In such cases, only foreign VPN server IP can be registered to support work from home.

Is there any fee for VPN registration?

No, as per present policy there is no fee to register VPN.

What would be the process to register VPN?

Approach your service provider to complete VPN documentation requirement and apply through your Internet Service provider to PTA. In case of any further clarification, please send queries to